Construction in Bulgaria is growing for ninth consecutive month in November

Construction output in Bulgaria is growing for the ninth consecutive month in November, data from the National Statistical Institute (NSI) show. However, its level is still more than 50% below the peak reached in July 2008, according to calculations, based on the historical data of the Statistical Institute.

Major growth support continues to be provided by the housing sector, where construction speeds outpaced infrastructure significantly. Infrastructure construction is heavily dependent on European funding, and major projects – in the water and sewerage sector, railway lines and large-scale road projects have not yet started.

For the time being, infrastructure construction relies on budget funding and significantly smaller sums earmarked by Growth Regions for roads and „Environment“ to finalize water and sewerage projects.

Preliminary NSI data show that in November 2017 the construction output index increased by 1.4% compared to October, with building construction growth of 1.9% and 0.6% of the infrastructure.

On an annual basis, the increase in the indicator reached 7.9%, compared to 12.2% growth in construction output and 2.8% in infrastructure.

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