With clear priorities, ambitious ideas and right decisions, we at GERT Group are always among the best in what we do.

Because of laying the foundations of our first company, in the distant 1993, we follow our goals of the mutual trust we have with our customers and partners.

It is a good idea for us to have our client happy, to meet all his expectations in a quality and timely manner. And the partners give us an example of honesty.

We have adhered to our principles in every venture in Europe, in Central Asian countries, in distant Brazil.

For more than 24 years, our company has been successfully developing its activities in the field of construction, tourism, fuels and textiles.
Innovative management in all corporate areas and our continuous pursuit of optimization and improvement are the basis of the high results. We are successful because the priorities of our business are the long-term relationships based on professionalism and loyalty, and they are a guarantee for success and stable development.

We are proud of the awards received from the recognition of various business forums, where GERT Group is a synonym for quality and honesty both in Bulgaria and other countries in the Balkans, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, n.

„GERT Group“ with good name on 3 continents! Thank you to our customers and partners!

Leading principles
All companies in the company work under the motto „Trust, Commitment, Responsibility“ – these three words are our success. We are successful because we have made them the motto of all our companies. Our employees, together, use their common strengths and strengths to meet the high expectations of our customers. Teamwork is of paramount importance to the company and a key to our successful ventures.

Trust is a basic prerequisite for successful partnership. We believe in our customers and we get the same from them. In this partnership, creativity, openness and cooperation are key.

Honesty is probably our strongest side. It allows us to make the most of our skills and capabilities to achieve our goals.

We help companies create and improve their business and services in the industry through long-lasting relationships.