Design and engineering

Our company offers a full cycle of services related to the realization of a project. We have always taken the idea that the road to success is long and difficult, but when it comes along with a good partner, it will inevitably be successful.

The hand we are giving is above all a friend, and then an expert with many years of experience is uncompromising about the quality performance of the task.

The services we offer can include the overall design and planning work – from the development of a conceptual design project, through the receipt of all official approvals to the preparation of a detailed conception of logistics on the construction site. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their cost, quality and time goals while at the same time, our experts monitor the optimal execution of all processes in designing, licensing, materially-fitting, construction, operation and final acceptance of the object by the client.

We are committed to large-scale and demanding projects, the implementation of which is guaranteed by solid Bulgarian and international banks. We have extensive experience and successfully participate in public procurement and auctions funded by European institutions, public and private investors. Since 2008, we have successfully completed many projects related to the design and engineering of roads, buildings, water supply and sewage treatment plants.